[2.08GB] You Would Do Anything For My Boots - Blazed Brat

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you-would-do-anything-for-my-boots-blazed-brat.mp4 [2.08GB] - I'm standing above you in tall shiny boots. I look down in disgust, spitting, giving the finger, taunting, calling you names You would do ANYTHING for me, wouldn't you, pathetic slave? Beg me to lick the bottom of my boots clean. Beg me to stomp on your ugly face with them. Tell me how you want to lick my boots so badly that you'd lick other losers' cum off of them....you said you'd do anything, beg for me to black mail-fantasy you, beg for me to expose-fantasy you. I'm going to tell EVERYONE. I'm going to make you work for it. You are going to suck cock after cock because I tell you to. And I'll film it all, so there is no escape.

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