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turning-21-latinsandra.mp4 [3.58GB] - This is officially the youngest guy I have ever been with. When he first reached out he wasn't even old enough to visit me in Las Vegas.lol Then the day came, he messaged me and said he was turning 21, had been working on his 6pack and well the dick? That was well above 9 inches and he was ready to pleasure me all night with it. I wasn't sure how good he would at sex given that he is only 21 but I went with my intuition and invited him to my city!! Holy smokes, he did NOT let me down. I met him in the dress he said he wanted to meet me in and what I liked about him was how shy he was at first. lol It was cute and hot so I took him upstairs to my room and the fun began. He didn't waste any time hiking up my dress and fucking me in it, his shyness definitely went away as soon as the door to my suite closed. I knew the first round was going to be quick but NOT four minutes quick, he said being inside of my pussy felt amazing and I could feel he was going to cum FAST so I had him cum all over my pussy and dress and then the fuck marathon really started. I changed into lingerie and MY GAWD, round 2 was fucking amazing. I bounced on his cock and came all over it b4 telling him to fuck me from behind and that's when his shyness REALLY went away, he grabbed me by my hair and pounded the fuck out of me from behind just the way I love it and then got me off the bed, bent me over and fucked me all over the suite. I could not stop squirting on his big black dick, my pussy was so fucking wet. He was making me tell him how much I loved his black dick inside of me and that was hot because just a few minutes ago he was this shy 21yr old now he's fucking me and making me tell him how much I am enjoying his big dick. He was fucking me in positions I love being fucked in so I am assuming he did his homework and studied my videos. lol His balls felt amazing slapping up against my ass as he gave me orgasm after orgasm. round 2 was amazing BUT round 3 was even better, yes, he came THREE TIMES! For round 3 he said he wanted me completely naked so that's exactly how we fucked and I think round 3 is where he took out his aggression on my pussy for all the attitude I ever gave him. lol His dick could literally barely fit in my mouth because it was so long but that's how he was able to hit my g-spot with every stroke as I bounced my phat ass on it. By the end of round 3 he had me begging for his cock and cum in Spanish, "dame esa pinchi verga and that leche!" did the trick because he instantly blew his third load. Three cum loads later, he definitely left me completely satisfied and fucked me all night just the way I love it but I think I have ruined him sexually forever that's ok, Papi can cum see whenever he wants. lol I loved being his HotWife. This video IS included with my membership.

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