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tied-embarrassment-annforpunishment.mp4 [1.12GB] - Well. This time, for some reason, is much more difficult to write. Although perhaps I'm just not in the mood: D Let's start with the filming near the beam :D As you said, the feeling this time was different from what I experienced when suspending Yuno. This time it seemed safer, perhaps. It is difficult to find words. I feel strong, capable hands, like this. Maybe it's in the skill, and may, in fact, that it was you did. I find it difficult to understand: D On the one hand were the ropes this time to tighten, but such sharp pain, like a rope from one glaring, was not. That is not to be distracted too much. Still, at times flashed the thought: "I should do now?". In general, all sorts of foolishness. But I think everything will come with experience. So. Although the rope and put more pressure than in previous times, but your actions are sometimes to simply close my eyes with pleasure, like a kitty. Even now, I am remembering it all, smile. Such a happy, a little dreamy and carefree smile. And so good at heart. It was interesting to compare the feeling "with" and "without" being able to see the environment. Despite the fact that half the time I spent in my own world with my eyes closed. (So just easier to ignore the surroundings and immerse myselves in my feelings.) Sensations with ropes in my eyes were as, when I was laying my head pillow at night, if afraid of something. "I do not see anything, so anyone does not see»: D This is a kind of waiver. The main thing is not to open my eyes. But! When did you start to shoot the rope, on the contrary, I wanted it. I wanted to see, wanted to feel more. Mmm ... It has become strong enough to stop want to hide something like that. Or just realized that there is no need to hide. Here it is difficult. In the process you do embarrassing things. But in the process I had no time to be embarrassed, it seems, because the shame I felt already far after the shooting. But it still faded on the background of my happy smile: D Though I still stretching the truth. It was awkward and embarrassing, but only at the very beginning. I am pleased to be ashamed? : D Hmm, I noticed the more I hesitate to talk about something, the more put emoticons. : DDDD But this is not accurate. I liked the rope slip over the skin. So geeeently. Like the touch of your hands. I wanted to drown in them. Although at times they were not gentle. However, it is pleasant to me at least. Disadvantages me except that afforded throwing between "completely relax" and "still rely on my feet." Because, and this and that was something uncomfortable. : D In the end, I felt like the happiest girl in the world. It feels like already wrote the poem. But that's not all! We did not finish fun with ropes for that evening, and you will see sontinue very soon

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