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best-friend-s-girl-role-play-undertabithastoes.mp4 [3.24GB] - RP POV: You've just shown up to your friend Joes' house but he doesn't seem to be around so you, as prompted let yourself in and decide to wait for him. What you don't realize is that his GF is at home! You walk past the bedroom and she notices you, she's a little startled but invites you to come sit on the bed with her and chat till Joe shows up. As your chatting you notice her toes, the bright orange and white polish, how have you never noticed her cute toes before, or her soles?? You mention that they look nice and she gets a little flustered, like maybe she enjoys you complimenting her. Eventually the conversation turns hot and she starts talking about you and her cheating together, and how Joe wouldn't mind, she promises that he would be ok with it and encourages you to play with her feet, will you indulge? Will Joe show up in the middle? Will she change her mind and make you keep this a secret? Watch and find out! 17min

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