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i-ve-got-a-match-kaylakissxo.mp4 [1.43GB] - Opening up the vault! These specifically noted clips have previously only been available to enjoy on my personal website. They were filmed a couple of years ago and it's time to release them and make them available on my various clip stores! Enjoy! *Features: Co-worker role play; Tight, zip-up dress, heels, push-up bra, and g-string; POV voyeur role play; POV blow job with my toy; Dirty talk; Female embarrassment and anger that leads to flirty, sexy fun in the office bathroom!* OralExpectations.com is the hottest new dating site around! Well, maybe "dating" isn't the right word for this site. More like "one-night-fling"! This sexy site is always running contests and encouraging their members to post pictures to their profiles as a way to help members find their perfect online match! Kayla signed up right away and was thrilled to find out that she had won the Banana Licking contest! Now Kayla, and her tongue talents, are being featured on the homepage of OralExpectations! Her phone is blowing up with notifications and she's dying to log in and see if the site has found her the perfect match for an evening of fun tonight. But.....Kayla is at work. She really should not be checking a sex site from her work computer. Kayla can't resist though and after logging in, sure enough, she has a match! And a message from a man that says he can't wait for some selfies! Well....maybe Kayla could sneak off to the bathroom and snap a few naughty pics. What could that hurt!? Meanwhile, at a desk just behind Kayla's, you have been looking over your sexy co-worker's shoulder, taking a peek at what she's doing on her computer. Is that...her!? Did you just get a glimpse of your co-worker's big tits on a website!? And what is she doing with that banana!? You and your boner need to know more! Follow Kayla to the bathroom, spy on her while she snaps dirty pics of herself, and then confront her about her OralExpectations profile! This could either go over really well or really bad. But your hard cock doesn't care right now. All that your cock cares about is finding out if Kayla really is a champion banana licker!

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